Most churches and ministries face a common problem. They need more money to help them meet their goals, plans, and objectives. All of them are looking for ways to address this need.

Many have tried auctions and vehicle donations, and have found some level of sucess with these. It would be nice to take this to the next level where people and businesses could donate big ticket items. But the problem is that few organizations are able to convert these big ticket items to ready cash.

MinAssist, Inc meets this need. MinAssist, Inc stands for Ministry Assistance. MinAssist handles all donated items (see list below) and liquidates them for the cash proceeds. MinAssist Inc. charges an administrative fee (sliding scale) and the partner group (church, ministry, etc.) receives the funds without the work and hassle associated with processing donations of this kind.

The following items are accepted:
      - Industrial equipment
      - Rolling stock most kinds (cars, trucks, trailers, RVs, boats airplanes etc.)
      - Machinery
      - Bulk Inventory
      - Real Estate
      - Vacation Rental time

We can not accept hazardous waste, computers, office & household items (furniture) and generally personal items.

Want to help us? We are looking for warehouse space with secure yard area, needed for at least the next two years.